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Greenoaks Memorial Park and Funeral Home
Greenoaks Funeral Home and Memorial Park provide our community with compassionate funeral, cremation and cemetery services. We serve families from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, making it convenient for people from all walks of life to arrange diverse memorial services.
Contact 225-925-5331 Greenoaks Memorial Park & Funeral Hom
Cocktail bars traditionally have been places of civility and sophistication. Different from saloons, where the point was to become inebriated rapidly and economically, the cocktail bar was a place where ladies and gentlemen went to socialize in a productive and cultured way.

Accordingly, Olive or Twist receives its inspiration from:
the golden age of bartending, when places like the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans offered eclectic drinks for less than $1
and the new age of cocktails, with drinks composed of uncommon ingredients, seasonal fruit juices, house-made syrups, herbs, bitters and infusions
Mr. Duke and Mr. Gremillion selected a highly trafficked location, on Perkins Road between Kenilworth Parkway and Essen Lane/Staring Lane, that features favorable demographics for customers who seek an intimate night out and high-quality cocktails in an upscale environment.

To accomplish their goal, owners Joshua Duke and Scott Gremillion emphasize service and drink quality in order to attract and retain customers. At a time when maxims such as "the guest is always right" formed the foundation of good service, the articulation of expectations is paramount. As a new bar seeking to become one of the most popular destinations for handcrafted cocktails, infused liquors, small plates and desserts, Olive or Twist does not want to come off as overly pretentious. Still, posting a code of conduct can help maintain decorum and draw a sophisticated crowd.

Designed by the owners of Stroube’s, one of Baton Rouge’s finest restaurants, we are bringing you the same quality in our quick-fired pizzas and signature salads. In under three minutes and for only $8, we will give you a delicious customized pizza in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Our mission is to provide the best tasting made-to-order personal pizzas with personality and high-quality customer service. Our friendly pizza slingers are here to customize your pizza, top it with the freshest ingredients, and deliver a delicious personal pizza with time and convenience in mind.
Our focus is to use locally sourced and inspired ingredients, provide an evenly cooked pizza through our 360 revolving pizza oven, and appeal to the health conscience audience with options that set us apart from like-minded concepts.
As a quick-service restaurant we are committed to delivering an exceptional pizza experience while offering convenience, fun, and most importantly, speed. Catering to people on-the-go, we want to be the ultimate alternative to drive-thru fast food.

Roofing Company                   Roof Crafters
Roof Crafters is the only roofing contractor in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Mandeville, Covington or Denham Springs that has proprietary software to help manage your roofing project and also manage all your roofing services that we provide. At Roof Crafters when we make appointment to do your roof ,we will be there.
Contact 225-667-1189